API: Linking

Linking Example

In this example, we use Fiddler to execute the commands.

  1. We want to first check the existing links of a object
  2. Then we create a new link
  3. We can check the existance of the new link
  4. Delete the link



This it the header configuration: Put it in the composer tab -> Parser: in the field below the GET / URL input.

Check existing links

First get the object

GET https://demo.virtualskeleton.ch/api/objects/110

We get the 200 Http response code in the Session List and click on the entry in the list to view the JSON output. We check if the desired object is already linked.

if not, we can send the URLs of both objects to create a link using POST

Create a link:

  1. Add this line to the header Content-Type: application/json

  1. The POST endpoint to create the link is

POST https://demo.virtualskeleton.ch/api/object-links

with the Request Body containing both selfUrl’s of the objects (eg. 110, 86):

you get back the object-links id selfURL in the response:


check if the link is present in object 110 using again

GET https://demo.virtualskeleton.ch/api/objects/110

Deleting an existing link

You need to identify the ID of the link. This information is in the object as linkedObjectRelations. To delete to link just use:

DELETE https://demo.virtualskeleton.ch/api/object-links/102

API: Copy object to a folder

How to add an object to an existing folder


I want to put this object with the ID 110 into the folder test1


To get the list of my folders (there is a way to filter them…i cant remember)

Or just search for the name eg test1 using the oData conventions:

test1 folder has id: 53


Copy the object to the folder

Now to add the object we add to selfUrl of the object into the filled body of the folder and do a PUT folders. IMPORTANT add the content-type to the header: