Statismo CLI interface has arrived in v 0.11.0

The statismo developers have added a command line interface to Statismo and they have released version 0.11.0!

It is now possible to perform the most common shape modelling tasks directly from the command line withou any programming involved.

The initial set of command line features include tools

  • for model building
  • for exploring a model
  • for fitting a model to surfaces and images.

You will find the full list of currently available tools as well as two common use case scenarios on the statismo wiki.

Head over to github to download the statismo CLI or to give feedback to the devs!

A Special thanks goes to Frank Mueller from the University of Basel who developed the initial toolset.


Shape 2015 Challenge

SMIR is hosting the Shape 2015 Challenge

Participants are given 49 trainingsets + 10 surface models with the goal to obtain the best possible reconstruction (shape completion) for the 10 given partial livers.

Please visit the Shape 2015 Challenge page to read the instructions and rules.

And visit the Website of the Shape 2015, the conference about Statistical Models, the host of the Shape 2015 Challenge.